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Wayne's car-care tip on - How Long Will a Muffler Last?



The lifespan of a muffler varies due to the car model and the overall car use. Cars that are on the road more will experience more wear and tear to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Typically, an original car muffler will last over 100,000 miles or around 10 years of average driving conditions. Really it all depends how you drive your car. If you do short trips a lot of the time and don’t let the engine and exhaust heat up fully, then it will get too much condensation build up that won't evaporate off, so it will rust out much sooner than if you always do longer drives.


Signs You May Need a New Muffler

If you begin to hear your car’s engine and exhaust system more than in the past, it might be time to have your car muffler examined. Rattling noises and loud sounds from the back or undercarriage of the car might also be signs your muffler is ready to be replaced.

A car muffler helps make your car a much more pleasurable machine to drive—both for you and for your fellow drivers on the road.


A car muffler helps to muffle the sounds an engines exhaust system make when a car is accelerating. Essential to a comfortable driving experience.

Stop by today for your FREE exhaust inspection, Spring is a great time for this inspection.

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